European Human Genetics Conference

At the 53rd annual European Human Genetics Conference you can learn about what is at the forefront of human genetics whilst considering the education of the next generation of human geneticists. There will be a range of speakers and abstracts for presentation during the conference as well as educational sessions given by invited speakers to …

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Curating the Clinical Genome

The conference brings together the clinical genomics and biodata community to discuss best practices for the clinical use of genomic data, including interpretation and clinical utility, and the consensus generation of curated knowledge. The sharing of genetic data from clinical diagnostic testing and the generation of consensus curated knowledge is vital for delivering on the …

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Live stream: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Symposium 2020

The Royal Society of Medicine is dedicating an entire day to the in-depth understanding of genetic causes, identification and management of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH). From this live streamed event, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn about this under-diagnosed, potentially fatal, but eminently treatable disorder. View the full agenda and register on the RSM …

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Festival of Genomics 2020

Festival of Genomics 2020 THE FESTIVAL’S MISSION IS “TO DELIVER THE BENEFITS OF GENOMICS TO PATIENTS FASTER.”   Why attend? Be inspired – immerse yourself in genomics, learn from incredible projects/organizations and visionary speakers. Plan for the future – understand trends, developments and dynamic undercurrents that are shaping the use of genomics. Strategize – walk away …

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Masterclass – Nursing, Midwifery and Genomics: The Present and the Future

What will be shared: How genomics is changing the face of healthcare and what this means for nurses & midwives Exceptional genomics related work that nurses and midwives are leading across North-West Stories and case studies from nurses and midwives who will tell us how they have led or influenced service transformation to change care, …

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RARESUMMIT19 RARESUMMIT19 is a 1 day summit focusing on patient-centricity in Rare Disease progress   The aims of RAREsummit19 to highlight exemplars of patient involvement to provide a toolkit of practical strategies to help educate, inspire and empower all rare disease stakeholders to give stakeholders the knowledge and skills to ensure their practices involve patients …

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Next steps for genomic medicine in the NHS – regulation, challenges for adoption and priorities for research

A Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar exploring the main issues for the NHS Genomic Medicine Service, including regulation, challenges for adoption and priorities for research.   Delegates will discuss the priorities for evaluating the evidence and sharing learning from the 100,000 Genomes Project – with the Project aiming to have completed sequencing by the end …

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With any Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test ordered, a Record of Discussion (RoD) form will also need to be submitted. This document is to record the patient’s consent for genomic testing and their choice on taking part in research. Guidance on the patient choice conversation can be found here
This RoD form will be available for clinicians to download from this webpage. Once completed with the patient, it can be send to the lab with the corresponding test order form and sample.
Tests available to order will be listed in the National Genomic Test Directory. A test order form will soon be made available for clinicians on this webpage to download and complete. This form will include the address of the laboratory that the appropriate sample and completed form needs to be sent to.

Until the new Genomic Laboratory Service goes live, please continue to follow existing test order processes.
From April 2019 the interactive test ordering tool will be integrated into the National Genomics Informatics System (NGIS) and clinicians will be able to directly order tests online.